Hamtaro was born from the memory of many happy childhoods. Hamtaro is part of the Ham-Ham, a band of hamsters that everyday lives a new adventure to discover the world, thus making the acquaintance of their fellowmen with whom they will become friends.

Why not create a financial system dedicated to these sweet hamsters?

What is HamtaroCrypto ?

HamtaroCrypto is a deflationary token based on the binance smart chain. It is also a token driven solely by its community. The creator has renounced the contract and all its liquidity. This makes the fate of the token in the exclusive hands of the community.

7% flat fee: This is split between HamtaroCrypto
holders and the liquidity pool…

I know you guys will say, oh look another animal token. But stay a while and listen, and let me tell you the story of Hamtaro

On day 1, the owners sold all and renounced the project. Left in the ashes were a couple of hamster loving individuals. Only one of team members named Nicholas (@HamtaroDad) remained in the channel. He told us what happened, promised to take care of Hamtaro and rebuild the community.

We were of course very skeptical. But we witnesses HamtaroDad pick up the pieces and restart the whole project as a community driven token. He…

Hamtaro BSC

One small step for crypto. One giant leap for hodling hamster everywhere! The Community is holding this and noone controls it except the Community!

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